Centro San Antonio

Amplifying Downtown Spirit

Amplifying Downtown Spirit through Dynamic Placemaking

Client: Centro San Antonio

Project: Revitalizing Community Engagement with Vibrant Event Production

Background: Centro San Antonio, a placemaking organization dedicated to enhancing the heart of the city, sought to create a more welcoming and prosperous downtown while embodying the spirit of San Antonio. Peacock Alley, a privately managed alley, became a canvas for fostering community engagement and highlighting the city's essence.

Challenge: The challenge was to infuse Peacock Alley with vibrant community events that celebrated San Antonio's unique spirit while fostering inclusivity, safety, and an unforgettable experience.

Solution: Our partnership with Centro San Antonio led us to ideate, create, and execute a series of high-quality community events under the overarching theme of experiential marketing and placemaking.


  • Dynamic Event Productions: From conceptualization to execution, we curated events like The Fashion Social, The Bee Social, and Poetry On the Patio. These events not only celebrated local talent but also resonated deeply with the diverse community.
  • Surprise and Delight: Our events showcased a medley of artistic expressions, including spoken word, dance performances, energetic music, and thought-provoking social commentary. Attendees were treated to an immersive array of emotions and experiences.
  • Inclusive and Safe: We fostered an environment of respect and inclusivity, where attendees felt free to be themselves and fully immerse in the rich cultural offerings.
  • Something for Everyone: Our events catered to various stakeholders, making artists, vendors, and volunteers feel a sense of belonging. The result was a collective experience that resonated on a personal level.
  • Social Media Impact: Our efforts generated positive social media buzz and press coverage, further enhancing community engagement and appreciation.
  • Engagement and Content Creation: Partners and vendors enjoyed elevated engagement and content creation opportunities, strengthening the event's impact on city diversity and community building.

Results: By transforming Peacock Alley into a hub of dynamic community events, our collaboration with Centro San Antonio achieved its mission of fostering a more beautiful, playful, and prosperous downtown. The events garnered widespread attention and engagement, while also enhancing inclusivity and community-driven efforts.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Centro San Antonio and our team exemplifies the transformative power of placemaking and experiential marketing. Through strategic event production, we not only celebrated the essence of San Antonio but also ignited a sense of unity, respect, and shared experiences among the diverse community members.


Community Engagement // Experiential Event Production


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