Bowl & Barrel

Let the Good Times Roll

Symbio Hush Creative Agency collaborated with Free Range Concepts' Bowl and Barrel, an innovative boutique bowling experience, to develop a creative strategy and media content for their reach and brand awareness campaign in the southwest region. With a focus on experiential marketing, the agency created engaging opportunities, including the event called "The Big Pin Down: Brunch N Bowl Social," to drive audience engagement and expand the brand's presence.

"The Big Pin Down: Brunch N Bowl Social" event generated substantial buzz and attendance, drawing in bowling enthusiasts and socializers alike. The experiential marketing opportunities provided a unique and memorable experience, enhancing the brand's reputation and driving word-of-mouth marketing.

The campaign's SEO-focused approach ensured high visibility in search engine results, further expanding Bowl and Barrel's reach online. The increased brand awareness and positive customer sentiment resulted in a boost in foot traffic, leading to improved business performance and revenue growth for Free Range Concepts' Bowl and Barrel.


Entertainment and Hospitality // Creative Marketing, Media, Experiential Marketing


Bowl & Barrel