Let’s be real. The best brands are defined by one thing: truth.

Our mission is to help you cultivate that truth within your voice, style, and culture. We are creative tacticians that live to get people excited about you. We don’t do gimmicks and tricks, but meaningful and lasting  impact. Great brands know that it’s never just about a video or a campaign: it’s about paving the roads that lead to you. We are fueled by our problem solving mentalities, and we don’t rest until we’ve captured the essence of what makes you special. Because we are confident that once we do, there are no problems that don’t inevitably become solutions.

Ja'el Sundown

Creative Director + CEO

Christie Kaye

Chief Marketing + Partner

Fallyn Gawlik

Experiential + Events Lead

Micco Fay

Vice President + Partner

Damien Dennis

Sales + Marketing Lead

Olyvia Gawlik


How We Help

Culture is at the heart of everything you do, even if you don’t realize it yet. At Symbio Hush we pride ourselves in being able to identify that thing that makes you amazing -- and then we help you capitalize on it. Finding it difficult to tell your story? Consult us to break down your narrative into digestible pieces. Not sure how to tap the hearts of your audience, or even know who they are? We analyze your brand inside and out to find out who, where, and when you get noticed. Whereas some may try to “fit the model,” we aim to show you that being true to your own identity makes you a model all on your own. And interestingly enough, the more you lean into who you are as a company, organization, or individual, the more sense you will make to your audience.

what we do

photo + Cinema

We thrive in natural light, and we're so much into the depth and richness of the film look (Oh, the grain and film burn!). We're suckers for all things cinematic and cool: a dose of Kubrick here, some Wes Anderson & Michel Gondry there, and add a little Michael Mann flare from time to time. And we simply love the look and feel of handheld footage. It just takes you there.

Strategy + Creative Direction

Gone are the days of amazing content being completely missed by your audience. By building an ad strategy that focuses on only showcasing your brand to the right individuals, we help you spend more time (and money) improving the things that made people fall in love with you in the first place. Couple that with in-depth cultural investigation and discovery and you’ve got a recipe for persistent, voracious brand loyalty.

Social Media Impact + Experiential Marketing

It’s time to greet your audience with compelling experiences. From conception, to designed engagements that spark interest and influence behavior, we strategize, plan, and execute right where your audience will see you first. Our commitment to building events that matter to your culture has no limits, while focusing on manifesting brand experiences that resonate with audiences and set you apart across social media channels and beyond.

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Editorial Copy
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Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Paid Media
Social Media
Event Coordination
Events & Activations
Interior Design
Event Coverage

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